9520C Double Spindle 9.5 inch Vertical Screen Car MP5 Player, Style: Standard+AHD Camera

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1. Chipset: 2900
2. Screen resolution: 768 x 1024
3. Mirror link: Android/IOS
4. Radio chip: 8035
5. Output power: 4 x 45W
6. Steering wheel control function: support
7. Bluetooth version: 4.2
8. Power amplifier chip: AC7388
9. Radio frequency band: FM/RDS
10. Video output: support
11. Reversing input: AHD & CVBS
12. USB: 3 USB ports
13. TF card: support
14. Auxiliary: support
15. Carplay: IOS
16. Fast charging: support
17. Voice assistant: support
18. Support audio formats: APE/FLAC/WAV/MP3/WMA, etc.
19. Support video formats: MKV/RMVB/AVI/MP4/MDV, etc.
20. Support picture formats: PNG/JPEG/JPG/GIF/WBMP/BNP, etc.
21. Support languages: English/Chinese/Portuguese/Spanish/Russian/German/Italian/Polish/French/Japanese/Turkish/Czech, etc.
22. Applicable models: universal

1. IPS 9.5-inch detachable HD playback vertical screen
2. Screen can be moved up and down, 35 degrees swing back and forth, easy to use during the angle adjustment and view
3. Rear camera: support AHD HD 720P camera image input
4. FM radio: online music, can transmit music to the car stereo via FM with 18 preset radio stations
5. Support cell phone interconnection and mutual control, can support IOS 13.4/Android 10.1
6. Support cell phone USB fast charging function
7. Dual-pass Bluetooth version 4.2 / support for incoming and outgoing calls / synchronized address book / support for cell phone music playback / support voice function
8. Media: support U disk / T card / USB card reader / audio and video input (AUX IN) / audio output (subwoofer) / video output (the same screen display)
9. Car MP5 voice assistant, Bluetooth connection, press the machine voice key to call out the phone voice assistant function, can realize voice calls, open music, open the map and a variety of cell phone APP function, MP5 voice and cell phone voice synchronization
10. Capacitive screen full-screen touch control, sensitive operation
11. Carplay car system can closely integrate iOS devices and iOS experience with the dashboard system

Standard package list:
- Player x 1
- Power cord x 1
- Instruction manual x 1
- USB data cable x 1
- Stand x 2
- Screws x 4
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.40kgs / 3.10lb
One Package Size 21cm * 13cm * 28cm / 8.27inch * 5.12inch * 11.02inch
Qty per Carton 12
Carton Weight 16.50kgs / 36.38lb
Carton Size 53cm * 43cm * 41cm / 20.87inch * 16.93inch * 16.14inch
Loading Container 20GP: 285 cartons * 12 pcs = 3420 pcs
40HQ: 662 cartons * 12 pcs = 7944 pcs

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