A30 MP3 Player With FHD 720P Digital Camera Bluetooth 5.4 Lossless Sound Audio Player 64GB

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1. 1.96-inch color screen, IPS high-definition large screen, giving you a visual feast, full touch operation is more sensitive.
2. Upgraded camera function: 720P high-definition camera, one-click switch between photo/video, record happy moments with images
3. E-book function: view chapter directory, support brightness adjustment, automatic page turning, save bookmarks, page selection, background change, etc.
4. Bluetooth sharing, Bluetooth connection, also supports two devices to transfer files to each other via Bluetooth connection, allowing friends to share files faster.
5. Resolution 384 x 392, clearer high-resolution retina screen
6. This MP3 player provides Hi Fi sound effects, supports multi-format music playback and lyrics synchronization. NEX speaker, better external speaker effect
7. Supports built-in expansion, supports up to 256GB micro SD card, can store thousands of your favorite songs. It can also be used as a U disk to store your files.
8. Using MSONV digital high-definition noise reduction technology, the recording is clearer, a good helper for classroom records/meeting records
9. Multi-function player, this MP3 player supports photo taking, recording, FM radio, alarm clock, video playback, e-book, photo album, time, calendar, 9-level variable speed playback and calculator.

1. Product name: MP3 player
2. Screen size: 1.96 inches
3. Resolution: 384 x 392
4. Photo and video recording: 720P
5. Speaker: Supported
6. Bluetooth signal transmission: 5.4 AVRCP/A2DP
7. Main chip: Shenju E20
7. Audio format: APE/FLAC/MP3/WMA/WAV
8. Image format: JPEG/BMP
9. Video format: AVI needs to be converted
10. Polymer lithium battery: 502535 450 mAh
11. Charging port: type-c
12. Language support: Simplified Chinese/English/German/French/Spanish/Italian
13. Product material: zinc alloy body + front and rear PMMA panels
14. Product size: 51.6 x 43 x 12.5mm
15. Weight: about 43.6g

This product has no internal memory and supports memory card expansion. The optional memory configuration in the link is equipped with a separate TF card (the TF card contains a copy of the English-Chinese dictionary package and test music). Please choose according to your needs.
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Loading Container 20GP: 610 cartons * 100 pcs = 61000 pcs
40HQ: 1417 cartons * 100 pcs = 141700 pcs

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