ABS Hard Shell Gaming Computer Backpack, Color: 17.3 inches (Silver)

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1. Material: ABS hard shell
2. Luggage rod insert strap, can be carried remotely
3. Back security pocket with combination lock to protect personal property from theft
4. Hidden water bottle pocket for easy storage
5. With USB external contact port, convenient for travel and charging
6. The back panel has strong air permeability and hydrophobicity, which is conducive to air circulation and reduces the pressure on the shoulders
7. The shell is wear-resistant and impact-resistant, high-hardness material
8. No fear of rain erosion, anti-splash protection built-in
9. Dimensions: 15.6 inches 31x43x12cm; 17.3 inches 33x46x13cm
10. Weight: 15.6 inches 1kg; 17.3 inches 1.1kg

Compatible with
Apple:  MacBook Pro 17 inch A1297 (2009 - 2011) , MacBook Pro 17 inch A1261 (2008) , MacBook Pro 17 inch A1229 (2007) , MacBook Pro 17 inch A1212 (2006) , MacBook Pro 17 inch A1151 (2006)
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.15kgs / 2.54lb
One Package Size 50cm * 43cm * 10cm / 19.69inch * 16.93inch * 3.94inch
Qty per Carton 26
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 50cm * 50cm * 60cm / 19.69inch * 19.69inch * 23.62inch
Loading Container 20GP: 177 cartons * 26 pcs = 4602 pcs
40HQ: 412 cartons * 26 pcs = 10712 pcs

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