F22 3.16 inch 1080P HD Night Vision WiFi Connected Driving Recorder with Rear View Camera

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1. WiFi fast connection, mobile phone real-time look back at the real scene. Quick completion of accident forensics.
2. Enter parking monitoring mode when parking, if there is an abnormal ollision, it will automatically start recording video. In parking monitoring mode, when the vehicle voltage is too low, the recorder will automatically protect the battery to ensure that your vehicle starts normally.
3. In the event of a serious vehicle collision, the recorder will lock the video at the time of the accident and save it as a special image, and the lock icon will be displayed in the upper left comer of the screen. The locked image will not be overwitten by the loop.
4. Automatic loop recording, no delay, no miss every second. When the memory card of the recorder is full, the oldest fle will be deleted automatically so that the fllowving files can be stored normally.
5. HD glass lens module, super wide angel, super clear picture quality.
6. Self-adhesive glue is easy to install, fashionable and good-looking appearance, showing elegant style, multi functional design integration, inside and outside the car, the rear view at one stroke, choose to match.

1. DPI: 1920 x 1080
2. Lens: six layer glass, wide angle 140 degree, F2.0 large aperture
3. Storage: support 32G TF card(max)
4. Size: 3.16 inch IPS display
5. Current: power cord interface

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40HQ: 1590 cartons * 20 pcs = 31800 pcs

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