HUION HS611 5080 LPI Touch Strip Art Drawing Tablet for Fun, with Battery-free Pen & Pen Holder(Blue)

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1. It equipped with 8 multimedia keys, which enable you to control the background music as well as switch programs directly on your devices.
2. It features 10x6 inch working area and dot grid surface, which can bring you excellent drawing experience.
3. Customizing the touch strip and 10 press keys to your favorite shortcut will help to simplify the workflow as well as increase the work productivity.
4. The industry-leading +-60 degrees tilt recognition and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity enable every line to be rendered precisely and accurately as variant strokes be added.
5. It is the pen tablet in the industry with 7.3mm of thickness, also with 550g lightweight body and a durable loop to hold the pen, the HS611 will turn your idea of outdoor drawing into reality by connecting the Android devices.
6. Whith Type-C port, you no longer have to flip the connector again and again looking for the correct orientation. Also, you can work on Android devices via this Type-C port.
7. Reading height: 10mm.
8. Product size: 333.4 x 218.4 x 7.3mm.

Packing List
Huion HS611 Pen Tablet x 1
Battery-free Pen PW500 x 1
USB-C Cable x 1
Pen Holder PH03 x 1
Nib Clip x 1
Quick Start Guide x 1
USB Adapter x 2
Pen Nibs x 8

Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.23kgs / 2.70lb
One Package Size 44cm * 31cm * 10cm / 17.32inch * 12.2inch * 3.94inch
Qty per Carton 5
Carton Weight 7.50kgs / 16.53lb
Carton Size 52cm * 33cm * 46cm / 20.47inch * 12.99inch * 18.11inch
Loading Container 20GP: 337 cartons * 5 pcs = 1685 pcs
40HQ: 784 cartons * 5 pcs = 3920 pcs

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