Huion PEN-68 Professional Wireless Graphic Drawing Replacement Pen for Huion 420 / H420 / K56 / H58L / 680S Graphic Drawing Tablet(White)

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A powerful, yet easy-to-use combination of Huion special digital pen lets you draw and write naturally and comfortably as you would on real paper. It is buttons can be programmed for specific functions such as a right-click or left-click just like a wireless mouse, and You can also scroll documents and Web pages by pressing the middle button of the digital pen over the tablet working area, so it fits for both right and left hand users Reported fully compatible

1. Huion Professional Wireless Graphic Drawing Replacement Tablet Pen - Battery Cell (P68) adopts a new and sensitive technology, and is capable of freeing your creativity as never before.
2. It conveys 2048 levels of pen pressure, you can paint or draw or sketch smoothly on your Graphic Tablet (only for huion graphic tablet).
3. Designed for Designer, Artist, Teacher, Architect and Student
4. There is an automatic shutdown after about 30 minutes without use so you do not have to worry when you forget to turn it off.
5. Suitable for Huion 420, H420, K56, H58L, 680S

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Loading Container 20GP: 362 cartons * 200 pcs = 72400 pcs
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