K3 Bluetooth 5.0 Karaoke Live Stereo Sound Wireless Bluetooth Condenser Microphone (Gold)

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1. Pickup: capacitive
2. Speaker power: 4 ohm 5W*2 (speaker output)
3. Frequency response range: 150Hz-10KHz
4. Bluetooth version: 5.0
5. Power supply: 5V 18650 battery
6. Battery capacity: 2000mah
7. Life time: 5-6H
8. Charging time: 3H
9. Connection method: Bluetooth/TF card/AUX
10. Microphone material: aluminum alloy paint
11. 40mm * 2 16-core dual built-in magnetic speakers, with back-moving diaphragm, clear sound
12. Built-in reverb adjustment, easily adjust the accompaniment music
13. Intelligent noise reduction function
14. Support one-key mute function, easy to use
15. Compatible system: IOS, Android, Windows, etc.
16. Size: 251x50mm
17. Weight: 350g

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.44kgs / 0.98lb
One Package Size 26cm * 9cm * 8cm / 10.24inch * 3.54inch * 3.15inch
Qty per Carton 30
Carton Weight 16.70kgs / 36.82lb
Carton Size 53cm * 43cm * 26cm / 20.87inch * 16.93inch * 10.24inch
Loading Container 20GP: 450 cartons * 30 pcs = 13500 pcs
40HQ: 1044 cartons * 30 pcs = 31320 pcs

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