Landshine 90 Degree Wide-angle 2K USB Autofocus Computer Live Beauty HD Camera with Ring Light

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1. USB interface, plug and play
2. 2K 30-frame high-definition picture
3. 90 degree wide angle
4. Auto focus
5. With ring light, touch to adjust the light brightness
6. Built-in dual noise reduction microphones
7. Multifunctional base, which can be loaded on the monitor screen or placed on the table
8. Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.6, Linux 2.6.24, Chrome OS 29.0.1547.70, Android V5.0, Ubuntu V10.04 and other systems
9. Compatible with multiple media software
10. Suitable for different occasions such as remote classrooms, video conferences, photos and videos, etc.

Product specifications:
1. DSP processor: SUNPLUS 2650D
2. Aperture: F/NO equals 2.2
3. Focal length: f equals to 4.35mm
4. Photosensitive chip: OV4689, 1/2.9, 4 million pixels
5. Focus type: auto focus
6. Diagonal angle: 75 degrees; horizontal angle: 67 degrees; vertical angle: 41 degrees
7. Output mode: support YUV, MJPEG, H.264

Sensor CMOS
Interface USB 2.0
Frame Rate 30fps
LED Switch Touch
Focal Distance 4.35mm
Video Format MJPEG, H.264
Cable Length 1.5m
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.10kgs / 0.21lb
One Package Size 11cm * 8cm * 7cm / 4.33inch * 3.15inch * 2.76inch
Qty per Carton 120
Carton Weight 12.00kgs / 26.46lb
Carton Size 46cm * 44cm * 42cm / 18.11inch * 17.32inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 313 cartons * 120 pcs = 37560 pcs
40HQ: 728 cartons * 120 pcs = 87360 pcs

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