Logitech G603 Hero LIGHTSPEED 12000DPI 2.4GHz Wireless Bluetooth Dual Mode Mouse (Black)

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1. Optical sensor for unrivaled performance and power efficiency delivering 500 hours of non-stop gaming.
2. Advanced LIGHTSPEED wireless technology for super-fast 1 ms response time and faster than wired performance.
3. Connect to multiple devices using either LIGHTSPEED or Bluetooth and easily switch between the two with a push of a button.
4. Built for comfort with an ergonomically-designed, lightweight, contoured body.
5. 6 programmable buttons and on-board memory to store your favorite settings. Works with PC, Mac, tablets with Android and iOS
6. Parameters:
Sensor: HERO
Resolution: 200-12,000 dpi
Acceleration: Test results exceed 40G3 max
Speed: Test results exceed 400 IPS3 max
USB data format: 16 bits/axis
USB report rate: 1000 Hz/ms
USB reporting rate in LO mode: 125 Hz (8 ms)
Bluetooth report rate: 88-133 Hz (7.5-11.25 ms)
Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM
Home button withstands 20 million clicks with high-precision mechanical button tension
Moving distance life: more than 250 km3
Battery Life:
HI mode: 500 hours (non-stop gaming)
LO Mode: Greater than 18 months (standard usage) Physical Specifications
Power supply mode: AA battery (not included)

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.28kgs / 0.62lb
One Package Size 18cm * 8cm * 5cm / 7.09inch * 3.15inch * 1.97inch
Qty per Carton 100
Carton Weight 21.00kgs / 46.30lb
Carton Size 52cm * 42cm * 26cm / 20.47inch * 16.54inch * 10.24inch
Loading Container 20GP: 469 cartons * 100 pcs = 46900 pcs
40HQ: 1090 cartons * 100 pcs = 109000 pcs

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