SanDisk SDSSDA 2.5 inch Notebook SATA3 Desktop Computer Solid State Drive, Capacity: 480GB

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Product parameters:
1. Interface: SATA3 interface
2. Hard disk size: 2.5 inches
3. Weight: 10g
4. Size: 69.85x100.5x7.0mm
5. Applicable type: mobile SSD
6. Flash memory architecture: MLC multi-level cell
7. Memory capacity: 120GB/240GB/480GB/1T
8. Applicable type: desktop/notebook
9. Write data transfer rate: 310-450MB/S
10. Read data transfer rate: 535MB/S

1. Extend the life of the computer, quickly start the computer and shut down, shorten the loading and response time of the application
2. Easy installation, step-by-step installation instructions and copy software to help you install a new hard drive
3. Durable solid-state design, no moving parts, anti-shock, anti-vibration, even if the computer is accidentally dropped, the data can be safe and worry-free
4. Real-time monitoring of hard disk status, through the solid-state hard disk dashboard, you can know the hard disk storage status and operating conditions at any time
5. Low temperature, ultra-quiet operation, the notebook can run for a longer time on a single charge
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.01kgs / 0.03lb
One Package Size 25cm * 15cm * 3cm / 9.84inch * 5.91inch * 1.18inch
Qty per Carton 500
Carton Weight 7.00kgs / 15.43lb
Carton Size 30cm * 30cm * 38.9cm / 11.81inch * 11.81inch * 15.31inch
Loading Container 20GP: 761 cartons * 500 pcs = 380500 pcs
40HQ: 1768 cartons * 500 pcs = 884000 pcs

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