USB TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Android with Internal Sensor for Car Radio DVD Player

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1. Automatically sleep to save energy after parking.
2. Support Operating System-Android 4.0 and Above
3. The TPMS receiver can be connected to Android car DVD via USB port.
4. Tire pressure and temperature data displaying on Android Car DVD screen.
5. Sound Alarm via car speakers and screen alarm when abnormality occurs.
6. Prevent tire burst, extend the life and save fuel of tire.
7. Sensor wakes up automatically when tire starts running.

Internal Sensor:
1. Working Temperature: -40-125 degree Celsius
2. Working Frequency: 433.92MHZ
3. Battery Model: CR2050 300mAh
4. Tire monitoring range value: 0 bar-8 bar /0-116psi
5. Working Voltage: DC 5V
6. Waterproof: IP67
7. Chip: Senasic

TPSM host:
1. Working voltage: DC5V
2. The whole machine works: less than or equal to 16mA
3. Receiving frequency: 433.92MHz
4. Working temperature: -40~85 degrees Celsius
5. Interface: USB
6. Receive sensitivity: less than -105dBm

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