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1. APP control: Use Tuya Smart or Smart Life app to control infrared devices anytime, anywhere. Turn your essential home devices into smart devices to make life smarter and more convenient.
2. Support almost all infrared control devices, support 38KHz frequency signal learning, including your air conditioner, TV, set-top box, DVD, infrared motorized curtains, etc. Has a huge IR database.
3. Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home to control your TV, set-top box, air conditioner and fan by voice. The device only supports 2.4G WiFi.
4. Support intelligent scene control, with timing function: You can set a timer to turn on/off your infrared electronic device.
5. Power input: DC5V/1A
6. Infrared frequency: 38kHz
7. Coverage: 360 degrees
8. Wireless standard: WIFI 2.4G 802.11 b/g/n
9. Control method: Mobile App "Tuya/SmartLife"
10. App compatibility: Android 4.0/iOS 8.0 or above
11. Material: PC/ABS
12. Operating temperature: -10 - 50 degrees Celsius
13. Working humidity: less than or equal to 85% RH

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